That moment when a couple gets engaged has to be one of the most memorable times of their lives. The thing is, though, our memories are not as sharp as we wish they were and details fade over time. Looking back, there’s an event that has happened in all of our lives we would pay anything to have pictures from. Why take a chance on such a monumental moment as when you propose to your girlfriend. Just look at these pictures. How much do you think they will value these photographs in time?

We have years of experience documenting and planning secret proposals to make sure you will have the best experience possible. We will guide you through everything. From choosing a location (if you don’t have one ), all the way through to the moment you propose. We have tips, idea’s, and tons of knowledge that will help you with any scenario that will guide you through the entire process and make you feel more at ease so you can stop worrying about the logistics and focus just on the moment with her.

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Proposal Photos © King Street Studios

All Photography by Matt LeGault